The natural approach to learning at Nella Luce Studio is inspired by Concettina’s Italian family upbringing, her own action research, the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, Goju-Ryu, the late Reginald Byer’s natural approach to training the voice.  Furthermore Glenys Fowles, Dallas Watts, John Charadia, Amanda McPaul Browne and Glenn Stephenson have been great mentors on her artistic journey as well as Concettina’s experience in listening to her inner voice. The program is a combination of planned and improvised lessons that aims to meet the divergent learning needs of the students. Nella Luce Studio is about holistic learning, where students are encouraged to make connections in an interdisciplinary way.

NSW, Term 1  week 1:  31/01/2022:  Currently I offer lessons in piano, singing, drawing, painting, craft – sewing, music theory and musicianship, drama, music groups face to face and martial arts. (Online lessons for the above might be considered on special request)  A copy of the COVID 19  Safety Plan for face to face and terms and conditions will be emailed to you for you to read.. Creative Kids Vouchers are also accepted.

A complimentary stationery pack for students when enrolled for a minimum of two terms  of Art or Music face to face lessons. Art: A4 visual art diary, A4 display folder, A3 display folder.  Music: A5 visual art diary to record ideas, A4 display folder, CD singing for Beginners by Concettina Gangemi. Note: The complimentary stationery pack will only be supplied to students enrolled for a minimum of two terms (however students doing short courses may be supplied with a limited resource pack).

Shared art materials (e.g. paint brushes, paint and paper, excluding canvases) are supplied and cleaned for each class and student, however students are encouraged to bring their own materials for hygiene purposes. Alternatively an art materials pack can be purchased from Nella Luce Studio. Additional charges may be required for canvases, clay and clay firing and music books at the beginning of each term.

Please note, students can be enrolled anytime.

About Concettina Gangemi (The Founder of Nella Luce Studio) Singer, Teacher and Concert Organiser


  • The concept Nella Luce Studio, “Into the Light”was founded by Concettina “Connie” Gangemi in 2012.  It is a service that advocates to bring into light beauty, music, art, literature, artists, the mystery, the unknown, something new and individuality through a creative process.
  • As a teacher I aim to bring out the students true self, make learning meaningful and fun at the same time fostering creativity from the early years to the advanced level. I create a stimulating environment for them to explore and create.
  • As a performer I wish to bring out the love and beauty of God’s creation.
  • As a concert organiser I wish to bring into light music, meaning, literature, artists, the unknown and something new.

 Contact  the studio teacher Concettina for information, questions or negotiations.

  1. Professional ConcertsAt the advanced level, Nella Luce Studio creates opportunities for professional artists to be instruments of expression, releasing to the audience an experience that can’t be put into words.  The concerts aim to reach out to others and KEEP LIVE MUSIC ALIVE! Each performer deserve much credit for their talent and choice of musical ideas for the concert programs. Concettina directs and crafts the musical journey based on a theme and text.
    • Concettina encourages any sponsors  who would be interested to help cover some of the major expenses at the concerts to contact her at
    • Furthermore she has introduced and coordinated fundraiser concerts such as Music Alive in 2007,  Seven Lenten Concerts from 2012, Varroville and three community concerts in Picton.
  2. Concettina Gangemi is a Creative Art Provider, NSW (to redeem $100 go to Creative Arts Voucher) She offers the following Creative Arts workshops and lessons.
    • Art & Craft Creativity lessons (early years to Year 6)
      • Painting
      • Drawing
      • Sculpture (includes clay modelling for beginners up to intermediate levels)
      • Craft  for beginners (hand sewing, crocheting, knitting, paper art)
    • Music Creativity Lessons
      • Music & Drama creativity workshops (0  to Year 6)
      • Piano (all ages)
      • Singing (all ages)
      • Music Theory and Musicianship
  3. 3rd Teacher (Learning Environment): Concettina uses a stimulating learning environment to engage her students in the Creative Arts. The learning space is surrounded by a natural setting.

Do you want to create your own musical ideas?

How do you guide your own creative energy?

What is involved in the creative process?

What are your natural capacities?

Do you want your creative needs and ideas heard?

In 2012 Concettina founded the  concept, “Nella Luce Studio”  which in English means “Into the Light Studio” and inspired by  the 2012 Lenten Concert.  I was thanked by two members of the audience for bringing into light the beauty of music and the artists – one of them said – “if you had not done this concert no one would have known about the artists.” This concept which names my service as a teacher, performer and concert organiser.  It is a service that I believe helps bring into light music, literature, artists, peoples strengths and growth  points, the mystery, the unknown or something new.

  • Products: Singing for Beginners (CD)
  • Concettina encourages any sponsors  who would be interested to help cover some of the major expenses at the concerts to contact her
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