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NSW, Term 3 July 2020:  Currently there are lessons  both face to face and online via ZOOM.  A copy of the  COVID 19 Plan for face to face  and terms and conditions will be emailed to you for you to read before commencing the free trial lesson. Creative Kids Vouchers are also accepted.

Concettina Gangemi  offers 3 twenty minute complimentary online lessons via Zoom  for full fee paying students 1. music aural training  (Monday’s 4.00 pm , 2. Italian for beginners (Tuesday’s 4.00 pm) and 3. Art Drawing project (Saturday 9.55 – 10.15 am)

A NOTE from the studio teacher, Concettina Gangemi.  20/05/20 I wish to thank all the parents and students for the tremendous effort in making the online zoom lessons work during the COVID19 lockdown in NSW.  I am grateful that we went through this difficult stage in our lives through, project work, music and art and even through learning a language. The art students both on the Thursday and Friday classes have had profound art conversations on line with each other and have created inspirational and meaningful work.  The piano students have shown mature commitment and joy in learning their pieces. The singing students have adapted to the different style of teaching singing and learnt new music.  We have all come a long way which I will never forget how we did this together. Congratulations.  This experience we both had has built our character and learning dispositions.  There has been an obvious development in problem solving skills, independent learning, concentration, application of previous knowledge into new situations, questioning, researching, gathering information, motivation, joy, passion, expressive writing, interactive strategies e.g. turn taking which is what you need in the online classes, and so much more that could be mentioned.

Concettina offers the following Creative Arts Services:

  3. 3rd Teacher (Learning Environment): Concettina uses a stimulating learning environment to engage her students in the Creative Arts. The learning space is surrounded by a natural setting.
  4. Professional Concerts
  5.  Drama creativity from the early stages to advanced in an interdisciplinary approach.  Relevant Drama elements and concepts are taught in the context of music, singing, piano or art during her lessons
  6. Italian for Beginners (online at present with ZOOM)

Concettina Gangemi is an official NSW Creative Kids provider!

To redeem your $100.00 voucher for a 9 week course go to Creative Arts Voucher.  You will need the Service NSW Creative Kids voucher number,
your child’s full name and date of birth and the parent/guardian’s contact number and email.

Contact  the studio teacher Concettina for times, questions or negotiations.

Enrol any time.

Upcoming Performances: No Lenten Concert this year .



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Aim:  Adding new value to diverse learning needs, music and creativity. Concettina aims to foster creativity from the beginner’s level to the advanced level through a range of musical experiences.

Spaces are limited.

The natural approach to learning at Nella Luce Studio is inspired by her Italian family upbringing, training and experience.

The program is a combination of planned and improvised lessons that aims to meet the divergent learning needs of the students.

Nella Luce Studio is about holistic learning, where students are encouraged to make connections in an interdisciplinary way and Concettina’s experience in listening to her inner voice.

Community Concerts are also organised by Nella Luce Studio.

Thank you for visiting Concettina Gangemi at Nella Luce Studio.

Please  Contact Connie to book a trial lesson.   The Founder: Concettina Gangemi

  • Studio Teacher
  • Soprano
  • Concert organiser/director

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