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Aim:  To develop basic techniques of Karate in a fun, meaningful way while nurturing your true self and interacting with others.

Anyone can join in the family including the parents.   ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHERS ACCEPTED and can be used to pay for registration, fees and GI.

Sempai Connie is a homeschool family and offers karate  lessons  face to face from the 31st January on Mondays and Wednesdays from 03.00 – 03.20 pm via Zoom online. Monday FREE trial lesson.

Mondays 10.15-11.00 am FACE TO FACE at Smeaton GRANGE Expression Dance Studio (8 lessons)

Fridays 10.15 am- 11.00 FACE TO FACE at Smeaton GRANGE Expression Dance Studio (10 lessons)

Wednesdays 03.00 am – 03.20 am.   ZOOM KARATE ON LINE TBC (bonus free lesson to support training in your home) This may or may not go on some Wednesdays if I am called to teach somewhere and I will do my best to reschedule if possible.

Discounted price for homeschoolers:

$65.00 per student when prepaid in advance for  face to face and  zoom lessons for either Monday or Friday. No charge for  for a trial. 

$127.00 for non homeschoolers (10% off when prepaid)

Casual basis and general public is $15.00 per lesson per student.  

Registration for HOMESCHOOLERS  to KAJ GOJU-RYU Karate Academy  is special price of $50.00  (normal price is $100.00) per person.  This includes a white karate Gi and white belt. (This special offer only applies to the foundational homeschool members only) Registration for General Public to KAJ GOJU-RYU Karate Academy is $100.00 per person in the family. This includes a white karate Gi and white belt.

Registration is $35.00 for current homeschool members and $40.00 for for non homeschoolers.

For Homeschool Families to help support this sharing community.  Discounted term fees only apply to prepaid fees. (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Term 1  starting date is WEEK  31 st January 2022

Current students term fees are  due 28th January, 2022.

Come for a free trial and enrolments are accepted anytime and the price is adjusted for the weeks remaining in the term.

Sponsored by Concettina Gangemi – Nella Luce Studio  (Prices kept low to support  other homeschool families as it is a community that shares their services.)


TIME:  10.15 –  11.00 am (Mondays)

17 LESSONS  Lessons for TERM 1:  8  lessons face to face (Mondays)  and 9 zoom lessons (Wednesdays)

DATES: TERM 1 FACE TO FACE ON MONDAYS  2022: Starting on the 31/01/22, no lesson 7 February , 14/02/22, no lesson 21st February, 28/02/22, 07/03/22,14/03/22, 21/03/22, 28/03/22, 04/04/22.  

LOCATION: Expressions Dance Academy, Smeaton Grange 

25/24 Anzac Ave, Smeaton Grange 2567, NSW

DATES for  TERM 1 ONLINE ZOOM 2022: Starting on the 02/02/22 Wednesdays  – 06/04/22

TIME 3.00 – 03.20  pm TBC  no lesson 9 February

After Karate you can stay back for some singing and drama at the same place.

Sempai: Concettina Gangemi

Family group sessions:  beginners to intermediate levels

Spaces Limited 

Please come for a free trial  (please fill out the form before starting) 

Phone: 0478 018 918 

Email: contact@nellalucecreativity.com

 Age range: Students from 4.5 and up  

Dress: White Karate Gi.  Alternatively you can buy your own white on shirt and put the karate badge on it and wear the white pants of your karate Gi with the belt.  Shoes  and bags are left outside the dojo room. There is a waiting room near the dojo room.

COVID SAFE course.

Concettina Gangemi (Sempai) has achieved  her Black Belt under Shihan Glenn Stephenson, Kaj Goju-Ryu Karate Academy. She is also a teacher (Bachelor of Education) Singer, Studio Teacher of Art, Craft, Singing, Piano, Music, Drama,  Italian for Beginners via Music and Drama and Action Research Practitioner. Experienced K-6  Primary school teacher.  Studied the Reggio Emilia Approach in Italy REAIE member  

Some possible BENEFITS:

  • Connie’s pedagogy aims to integrate with PDHPE, Mathematics, English, Drama and Science
  • The family can also train at any number of venues throughout Australia that carry the same name (Kaj Goju-Ryu Karate Academy) . They would just have to wear a Karate Gi and pay the training fee for that Dojo. There is no need to pay another registration fee.
  • Safe learning  environment.
  • A chance to explore an understanding of your own body.  What are you capable of?
  • Learn to appreciate your life journey and learn to develop and nurture your true self.
  • Build self confidence and self – discipline
  • Skill development from beginners to intermediate levels
  • A chance to learn about self through own experience.
  • Fun & Interactive opportunities with others
  • Develop some of the creativity qualities such as problem solving, having a go, determination, persistence and motivation.
  • Learn some karate techniques and learn basic katas.
  • Students can apply for assessments and gradings. ( additional fees charged)

Concettina ” Connie” Gangemi (o4317 266 46 contact@nellalucecreativity.com)

Some Terms and conditions listed below.

COVID PLAN will be emailed to you  and please remain home if you are sick or have cold symptoms. 

Scan the QR code when you enter the Dance studio TBC with owners of the Dance Studio

(An attendance APP might be used later TBC)

  1. If a family can’t make a scheduled lesson they might be able to have credit towards  a homeschool music or homeschool sculpture lesson of the same value in the same term. Depends on availability of spots. Otherwise there is no make up as the lessons are at a low price to consider absenteeism.

  2. If any family member needs to eat they can eat their food in the hallway of the dance studio but not in any studio room. NO FOOD in the dance studios, only water bottles.

  3. Siblings under 4.5  will need to wait in the waiting area with a parent (TBC if they can sit in the dojo might not be safe for them)
  4. Only one Dance studio is being used for these workshops  all other rooms are out of bounds.

  5.  Parents are required to supervise their children at all times especially.  No running  at the venue unless it is part of the training program.  All participants need to respect the instructions of Sempai Connie.

  6.  If there are any urgent concerns please let Connie know straight away and if they are not please contact her by phone after the training session.

  7. Give yourself time to park as it might be busy outside.

  8. Follow the DOJO safety rules – e.g. we don’t use Karate to harm others only for self defence. If parents are choosing to watch their child in the dojo space please keep friendly chatter to each other soft, so the students and teacher can focus on the lesson.
  9. Please seek permission from Connie with regards to taking photos but you can take notes about your child only to put into your own child/children’s home school program.

  10. The families are encouraged to train at other dojos.

  11. The conditions may change.

  12. Please like FB page Concettina Gangemi – Nella Luce Studio. 
    © Concettina Gangemi – Nella Luce Studio April 2022
  13. Please fill out the enrolment form for Karate Academy.