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Concettina Gangemi (Bachelor of Education) Singer, Studio Teacher of Art, Craft, Singing, Piano, Music, Drama,  Italian for Beginners via Music and Drama and Action Research PractitionerExperienced K-6  Primary school teacher.  Studied the Reggio Emilia Approach in Italy REAIE member  

  • Concettina “Connie” Gangemi (Bachelor Education) has experience as a primary school educator, singer and organiser of community concerts.The concept Nella Luce Studio, “Into the Light”was founded by Concettina “Connie” Gangemi in 2012.  It is a service that advocates to bring into light beauty, music, art, literature, artists, the mystery, the unknown, something new and individuality.In 2012 Concettina founded the  concept, “Nella Luce Studio”  which in English means “Into the Light Studio” and inspired by  the 2012 Lenten Concert.   I was thanked for bringing into light the   beauty of music and the artists –one of the members of the audience said – if I had  not done this concert no one would have known about the artists.    This concept  which names my service as  a teacher, performer and concert organizer.  It is a service that I believe helps  bring into light music, literature, artists, peoples strengths and growth  points, the mystery, the unknown or something new.  As a teacher I aim to bring out the best in the students I teach and create a safe, stimulating environment for them to explore and create.Soprano:Concettina  Gangemi has always been surrounded by beautiful music during her family upbringing in Brisbane, Australia.  Concettina now resides in the Macarthur Region of Sydney.   Her parents were born in Italy and all the children were born in Australia.  She showed potential in voice,  piano and the passion for learning from an early age.   She is passionate about being part of music ministry in her local parish, the art of singing, pianoforte and  exploring and implementing  learning philosophies such as the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning.She has sung at weddings  and  other functions both in Australia and in Italy.  She has also been involved in Music Theatre groups such as Woftam Productions and  Opera Works. Concettina was also fortunate to sing in the World Day Youth Choir in 2008. Concettina has performed 3 years in a row at the Campbelltown Christmas Carols.  She came second in the Ryde Eisteddfod in the Sacred Event.The Studio Teacher:Concettina has been teaching in the primary schools from Kindergarten to Year 12 as a classroom teacher, and as music/drama/visual specialist teacher   Concettina has coordinated large school concerts and studio concerts.  She has studied the Reggio Emilia Approach to Learning in Italy.  She fosters creativity from the beginners level to the advanced level. Concettina has been an Action Researcher Practitioner in the classroom for some years and continues do this in her work in her business and home education.  She is inspired by many great educators and philosophies and aims to make wise educational choices when working with others.

    She is also a member of Gojuryu Karate do  Seiwakai  Australia -my instructor Glenn Stephenson has been a great  mentor and support during my singing journey.  Many people have influenced my life journey especially my family and some of the leaders in Catholic Education such as John Charadia.

    Qualifications:  Bachelor of Education

    Membership: Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange(REAIE).