Concettina Gangemi is an official NSW Creative Kids provider!

NSW, Terms 3 & 4 WEEK 1 2021:  LESSONS in piano, singing, drama, Italian for beginners and Karate are offered online via ZOOM during lockdowns. (10 week course in each term starting from week 1) Please contact me on 0478 018 918 for more information.

Currently I offer lessons in piano, singing, drawing, painting, craft – sewing, music theory and musicianship, drama, music groups face to face. (when lockdown and restrictions are lifted)

(Online lessons for the above might be considered on special request after lockdown)  A copy of the COVID 19 Plan for face to face and terms and conditions will be emailed to you for you to read before commencing the free trial lesson. Creative Kids Vouchers are also accepted.

Three twenty minute complimentary online lessons via Zoom for full fee paying students (offered during lockdown in term 3 and term 4)

1. Music Aural Training on Mondays at 4.00 – 4.20 pm;

2. Italian via Music and Drama on Wednesdays at 6.15 – 6.35)

3. Drama on Saturdays at 10.30 – 10. 50 am

A complimentary resource pack for students when enrolled in a full term of   Music  face to face lessons.   Music:  A2 visual art diary to record ideas, A4 display folder, CD singing for Beginners by Concettina Gangemi

(you can enrol anytime)


Small group Music/Drama CREATIVITY classes from the early years to age 12. Concettina’s  goal is to nurture creativity, coach in the arts and compliment the NSW educational curriculum through the arts whilst making learning fun, meaningful and authentic.

Music/Drama creativity workshops (3 lessons in 1 hour):
1. Singing
2.Music Theory Play playing (recorder and percussion instruments, early composition) (BAND PLAY is another name given to this segment)
3. Musical Theatre Play creating (music movement) Can include art play.
Concettina incorporates  drama in an interdisciplinary approach.  Relevant Drama elements and concepts are taught in the context of music, singing, piano or art during her lessons.

About the learning Environment

Parents of 5 and under need to supervise their child during the lesson and will be taught the basics of singing and music theory whilst their child is learning at their level.

Mini performance at the end of the year (optional)

Location: Campbelltown area NSW


Concettina Gangemi is an official NSW Creative Kids provider!

  • “Concettina Gangemi” is an official NSW Creative Kids provider! To redeem your $100.00 voucher for a 9 week Music course go to Creative Arts Voucher.  You will need the Service NSW Creative Kids voucher number, your child’s full name and date of birth and the parent/guardian’s  name, email and phone number.  Then  Contact Concettina directly on 0478018918  or via email.
  • For new students it is $171.00  for 9 lessons and the standard fee is $190.00. 

 Contact  the studio teacher Concettina for times, questions or negotiations.

Complete the expression of interest form before meeting with the studio teacher, Concettina. 

Current Draft Timetable: (LIMITED SPACES available)

Let Concettina know what times and days suit you best and she will try her best to accommodate your request.

Lessons are arranged based on teacher’s availability and student preferences. Time slots can be changed depending on everyone’s needs. It might be possible to open new classes just give Concettina a call to see what can be done for you.


Private lessons




Small Group Painting/drawing 5.30 – 6.30 pm

Small Group Painting/Drawing 6.30 pm – 7.10 pm



private lessons

Music group 11.10 – 11.35 am

Italian via music and drama (online – Zoom) 6.15  pm – 6.35 pm


Music group at 11.10 – 11.35 am (odd weeks)

Music group at 9.30 – 9.50 am (even weeks)

Private lessons





Homeschool sculpture workshops

10.15 – 11.30 pm

private lessons



Saturday private lessons

10. 30 – 10.50 am Drama drama creativity workshop) spots available

10.50 –  11.30 Art creativity workshops



Contact Concettina for further information:  0478 018 918