About Concettina Gangemi (The Founder of Nella Luce Studio)

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Concettina “Connie” Gangemi (Bachelor Education) has experience as a primary school educator, singer and organiser of community concerts.

The concept Nella Luce Studio, “Into the Light”was founded by Concettina “Connie” Gangemi in 2012.  It is a service that advocates to bring into light beauty, music, art, literature, artists, the mystery, the unknown, something new and individuality.

(READ MORE)  In 2012 Concettina founded the  concept, “Nella Luce Studio”  which in English means “Into the Light Studio” and inspired by  the 2012 Lenten Concert.   I was thanked for bringing into light the   beauty of music and the artists –one of the members of the audience said – if I had  not done this concert no one would have known about the artists.    This concept  which names my service as  a teacher, performer and concert organizer.  It is a service that I believe helps  bring into light music, literature, artists, peoples strengths and growth  points, the mystery, the unknown or something new.  As a teacher I aim to bring out the best in the students I teach and create a stimulating environment for them to explore and create.


Concettina  Gangemi has always been surrounded by beautiful music during her family upbringing in Brisbane, Australia.  Concettina now resides in the Macarthur Region of Sydney.   Her parents were born in Italy and all the children were born in Australia.  She showed potential in voice,  piano and the passion for learning from an early age.   She is passionate about being part of music ministry in her local parish, the art of singing, pianoforte and  exploring and implementing  learning philosophies such as the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning.  Her singing training has evolved from studies undertaken with Reginald Byers, Glenys Fowles, Mauro Trombetti in Italy, Dallas Watts and recently Margaret Andrews Russell.  She has been a cantor for special Religious events in both the Wollongong and Sydney Dioceses.

She has sung at weddings  and  other functions both in Australia and in Italy.  She has also been involved in Music Theatre groups such as Woftam Productions and Opera Works. (READ MORE) Concettina was also fortunate to sing in the World Day Youth Choir in 2008. Concettina has performed 3 years in a row at the Cambelltown Christmas Carols.  She came second in the Ryde Eisteddfod in the Sacred Section.

In 2012 Concettina had a Sabatical which was a year of adventure.  During an adventure there are ups and downs.  She travelled to Italy and studied the Reggio Emilia approach to early learning and studied with a vocal teacher in Italy.

The Studio Teacher:

Concettina has been teaching in the primary schools from Kindergarten to Year 12 as a classroom teacher, and as music/drama/visual specialist teacher   Concettina has coordinated large school concerts and studio concerts.  She has studied the Reggio Emilia Approach to Learning in Italy and applies many philosophies into her studio work. She fosters creativity from the beginners level to the advanced level.


She is also a member of Gojuryu Karate do  Siewakai Australia -my instructor Glenn Stephenson has been a great  mentor and support during my singing journey.  Many people have influenced my life journey especially my family and some of the leaders in Catholic Education such as John Charadia who has led me spiritually through yearly  artist retreats.

Qualifications:  Bachelor of Education

Membership: Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange(REAIE).

Nella Luce Studio provides the following services:

  • Music Creativity Small Group Classes (0-12 years)  These classes provide tactical activities in preparation for building the foundation for learning an instrument, composing performing, music theory, musicianship or other art form e.g. visual arts, dance, martial arts & drama.
  1. Students have opportunities to learn in different spaces (sun studio, music mini playground, garden, piano room).  The environment is the third teacher.
  2. Activities explore singing techniques, rhythm, pitch, musical structure, dynamics, tempo and tone colour.
  3. The students explore music through listening, singing, playing, moving, visual arts, stories, improvising, composing and reflecting.
  4. Work towards a music project (e.g. student concert)
  5. Affordable prices and discount applies to early payments.
  6. Casual rates available
  • Music Creativity 1 on 1 tuition in singing, piano and music theory (all ages).
  1. Prepare students for AMEB exams if they wish
  2. Singing lessons can be for half hour or 1 hour
  3. Affordable prices and discount applies to early payments.
  4. Casual rates available
  • Music Creativity Products
  1. Products: Singing for Beginners (e.g. recordings) https://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/ConcettinaGangemi
  • Professional level Performances

At the advanced level, Nella Luce Studio creates opportunities for professional artists to be instruments of expression, releasing to the audience an experience that can’t be put into words.  The concerts aim to reach out to  others and KEEP LIVE MUSIC ALIVE!.  Each performers deserve much credit for their talent and choice of musical ideas for the concert programs.  Concettina directs and crafts the musical journey based on a theme and text.

Concettina encourage any sponsors  who would be interested to help cover some of the major expenses at the concerts to contact her at nellalucestudio@hotmail.com.

(READ MORE)Furthermore she has  introduced and coordinated fundraiser concerts such as Music Alive in 2007,  The Journey,  A Lenten Concert in 2012, Varroville and recently.  In 2013 she has directed and introduced another project called the Varroville Lenten Concert, The Promise together with many volunteers.  The audience were very responsive to the program we provided.  They thoroughly enjoyed it.  Most of the proceeds for this year’s concert will go to St Vincent De Paul.

The Studio (at Eagle Vale, On the Move, At professional performances)

Do you want to create your own musical ideas?

How do you  guide your own creative energy?

What is involved in the creative process?

What are your natural capacities?

Do you want your creative needs and ideas heard?


  • creative confidence (become confident in one’s creative abilities and  apply these abilities in a new way)
  • opportunities to innovate  (READ MORE)
  • make connections with the World Around Us
  • supports and provides building blocks to Dance, Martial Arts, Visual Arts, learning an instrument, singing
  • trust your intuition
  • a safe space to explore and develop your unique self
  • links to the NSW syllabus
  • a chance to trial ideas spontaneously
  • links to the Early Years documents
  • Being part of the creative flow of life
  • gain experience in working through a creative process (e.g. overcoming obstacles, finding solutions, making decisions, reflecting0
  • develop skills in singing, early composition, piano, music theory
  • generate creative thinking, to inspire and imagine (the environment as the 3rd teacher)
  • opportunity to develop your voice