Contact Concettina Gangemi for more information about the terms and conditions. The lessons are regularly evaluated to create a child safe environment.

Concettina Gangemi – Nella Luce Studio has the right to ask anyone to leave the lesson/studio spaces in her home or hired venues who do not follow the rules, COVID plan and terms and conditions. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is allowed.

Below is a list of the main requirements for everyone.

  1. Please read the COVID 19 PLAN and  terms and conditions that are emailed during the enrolment process.
  2. Everyone is expected to listen to the directions of the teacher.
  3. Everyone is expected to have a voice and share their ideas, feelings and reflections to reinforce what we do well, to identify where to next in the learning journey and to improve any area of concern.
  4. Only use the musical/drama, art equipment and resources when under the supervision of the teacher. (due to COVID 19 students are encouraged to bring their own equipment or tools and resources or use the disinfected ones at the studio)
  5. Treat everyone with respect and the property of the teacher.
  6. No mobile phones to be used unless it is urgent.
  7. Photos and filming can only be done if permission is requested by the teacher.
  8. Parents and Students are required to complete a photo and filming permission form.  It is optional to have a photo/video taken for documentation, social media and advertising.
  9. Any items such as food, shoes, bags and drinks can be left in the allocated zones.
  10. BYO food and water are permitted during lessons as the student needs.
  11. Any injury must be reported immediately to the teacher.
  12. Movements that respond to the lesson ideas like walking, running, jumping, dancing whilst respecting personal spaces of others is permitted under the supervision of the teacher. (movement is limited now if any we will need to follow the social distancing rules)
  13. NO to:
    1. climbing on furniture
    2. running, jumping, pushing, pulling and grabbing
    3. any kind of abuse
  14. Everyone is required to be ready to start on time and finish on time unless negotiated with the teacher otherwise.
  15. Parents of children from 6-18 years are required wait in the waiting area unless a different arrangement is made with the teacher.
  16. Parents of children 5 years and under are required to participate in the lesson with their child.  Both the parent and child are the students.  The parent is required to supervise their child before, during and after the lesson. Any alternative arrangements for supervision needs to be negotiated with the teacher.