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  1. HOMESCHOOL Sculpture WORKSHOPS (discounted – sponsored workshops)
  2. HOMESCHOOL Karate “Connie’s Karate Dojo”

Aim: Make, Create and Explore Music with Your Voice.  

Weekly Discounted workshops for Homeschool Families  (can be organised via ZOOM during lockdown and restrictions.

Sponsored by Concettina Gangemi – Nella Luce Studio  

How can we make, create and explore music with our voice in different ways?

WHEN: Term 2, Mondays (Every week starting from week 4)

TIME:  11.00 am – 11.30 am

LOCATION: Expressions Dance Academy, Smeaton Grange 

25/24 Anzac Ave, Smeaton Grange 2567, NSW

Studio teacher/facilitator: Concettina Gangemi

Family group workshops:  beginners to intermediate levels

Spaces Limited     Phone: 0478 018 918 


 Age range: Students from 4.5 and up  

Prices are discounted for other homeschool family

Prepay the course by 07/05/21: $ with one student including parents who want to learn or  $75.00 family 2 or more students including parents who wish to learn. (siblings under 4.5 are free but under care of parents at all times to lead them in their learning )

Casual basis is $10.00 per week one student family or $15.00 per week for 2 or more student families

Special for Homeschool families only: Registration is $10.00 per family only for all creative arts courses offered by Concettina excluding the Homeschool Karate one.


(If there aren’t enough numbers booked in for the term by the due date then the event  may not go ahead at the venue in week 4 but may go ahead later.)

Concettina Gangemi  (Bachelor of Education) Singer, Studio Teacher of Art, Craft, Singing, Piano, Music, Drama,  Italian for Beginners via Music and Drama and Action Research Practitioner. Experienced K-6  Primary school teacher.  Studied the Reggio Emilia Approach in Italy REAIE member  

Some possible BENEFITS:

  • It can integrate with other Key Learning Areas
  • Work towards achieving the  Music outcomes   and explore the musical concepts (duration, tone colour, pitch, structure, dynamics)
  • A chance to apply other Key learning areas
  • The family can continue learning the songs at home.
  • Each school age student receives a black folder
  • Each family receives a CD created by Concettina Gangemi
  • Flexible learning  environment.
  • Basic skill development about the voice and singing as a group.
  • Connected to the NSW curriculum.
  • Fun & Interactive opportunities in being part of a singing group
  • Be inspired, create, make and explore and reflect.
  • Get to know some musical hits that are appropriate for the group and sone song games and other suitable songs that lead to Drama
  • To have fun and get to know the voice as an instrument in a small group setting (these a group lessons not private lessons – private lessons are also offered)

AIM:  The singing creativity classes designed by Concettina – Nella Luce Studio are about combining a planned program with an improvised program. The planned work can be changed or blended with a fluid approach where the studio teacher is responding to the students. The program is flexible and students are encouraged to be spontaneous.The creative process promotes creative thinking skills e.g. solving problems.  The program  and or project is a work in progress and requires Concettina to be a participant and facilitator in the learning process and take notes,  provide feedback,  take photos or videos. (permission is asked from parents for the teacher to take photos – included in the enrolment form)

Studio teacher, Concettina Gangemi aims to nurture your true self through the small group classes from the early years.  Concettina’s  goal is to nurture creativity, coach in the arts and compliment the NSW educational curriculum through the arts whilst making learning fun, meaningful and authentic. The following flexible learning process  facilitated by Concettina is encouraged during the workshops:  Inspiration is presented, explore, create, make and reflect individually and/or as a small group or a larger group.  We conclude with a formal reflection time.  Scores are left in the classes but printed words will be given out where necessary.

  • Be inspired, create, make and explore and reflect.

SCHEDULE  (flexible plan & might be changed)

Week 4 is about getting to know the group.  Setting our group goals and introducing the families to some songs, and song games.  

Looking forward to making, creating and exploring with you.

Concettina ” Connie” Gangemi (o4317 266 46

Some Terms and conditions listed below.  A brief (10 min) phone meeting is required to get to know you and the student(s) goals and interests:

Follow the COVID PLAN and please remain home if you are sick or have cold symptoms. 

Scan the QR code when you enter the Dance studio

  1. If a family can’t make a scheduled lesson they might be able to have credit towards  a homeschool music lesson or home school sculpture lesson of the same value in the same term. Depends on availability of spots.

  2. If any family member needs to eat they can eat their food in the hallway of the dance studio but in any studio room. NO FOOD in the dance studios, only water bottles.

  3.  All family members are encouraged to participate in the workshops.

  4. Only one Dance studio is being used for these workshops (piano room) all other rooms are out of bounds.

  5.  Parents are required to supervise their children at all times.

  6.  If there are any urgent concerns please let Connie know straight away and if they are not please contact her by phone after the workshop.

  7. Please BYO note book for the children to draw/write any plans or ideas.
  8. No running on the premises

  9. Please seek permission from Connie with regards to taking photos but you can take notes about your child to put into your own child/children’s home school program.

  10. Please study the music at home and bring any ideas to the next lesson.

  11. The conditions may change after 4 May 2021.

  12. I invite you to like Nella Luce Studio’s FB page 
  13. Please ask  join the homeschool facebook group Makers, Creators and Explorers (the title was designed together with my family and Heidi Peacock’s family. A way to be  kept in the loop about opportunities to create, explore and make in our communities and even a place to communicate about these activities with others.
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