Concettina Gangemi  offers the following program structures for the study of Music Term 1 2019:

  1. Music/Drama Creativity Workshops. (small groups – broad range of musical activities 0-12 years)
  2. Discipline of singing .
  3. Discpline of piano
  4. Music Theory/Musicianship is incorporated in all 3 and can be taught as a separatel lesson

The 9 week block of 9 one hour lessons begin from the 4 th of February, 2019.

“Concettina Gangemi” is an official NSW Creative Kids provider!

To redeem your $100.00 voucher for a 9 week course go to Creative Arts Voucher.  You will need the Service NSW Creative Kids voucher number,
your child’s full name and date of birth and the parent/gaurdian’s contact number and email to send to Concettina.

Studio teacher, Concettina Gangemi aims to nurture your true self through the range of music lessons.

Aim:  Adding new value to diverse learning needs, music and creativity.  Prepare students for a career in music.  If you don’t want a career in music then the music lessons may help /or develop  your creativity which enables you to be creative individual in our community.

Creativity Goal:

To work towards autonomy:  Know who you are,  Know what you know, Value the people and resources.


1. Small Group Music Creativity Classes (ages 0-12):

$180.00 to be paid by the first lesson.

Special rate of $160.00 if you prepay before the next term.


Affordable rates:  Receive a discount for prepaid fees.

3. Casual rates are also Available for both the group classes and the private tuition.

Brief outline of Program Content/Pedagogy:

  • Music/Drama Creativity tuition for small groups in music theory through listening, singing, playing, moving, visual arts, drama, improvising, composing and reflecting. (ages 0-12 years)
  • lessons are about integrating the discipline of music with other learning areas (e.g. Learn English through singing).
  • Prenatal singing classes. (on request)
  • Learning Materials and resources are supplied in the studio space. (music textbooks/sheets, or recorder are not included in the price)

Benefits for students:

  • Enable students to discover music through improvisation and basic composition.
  • Enable students to respond to their world through music in spontaneous ways.
  • Initiate and contribute to their own learning program.
  • Prepare and supports learning in Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Speech & Martial Arts, learning another instrument.
  • Nurtures creativity.
  • Encourages expressive communication (“100 languages of children” Reggio Emilia Approach)
  • Connects organic musical play with musical instruction.
  • Combines learning (phenomenon) with educational outcomes and other areas (interdisciplinary approach)
  • Assists with language, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development
  • Guides students to develop self discipline.

About the learning Environment

Call Concettina for workshop details: 0478 018 918 or via email