Concettina Gangemi (Bachelor of Education) Singer, Studio Teacher of Art, Craft, Singing, Piano, Music, Drama,  Italian for Beginners via Music and Drama and Action Research Practitioner. Experienced K-6  Primary school teacher.  Studied the Reggio Emilia Approach in Italy REAIE member  

Concettina Gangemi is an official NSW Creative Kids provider!

NSW, Terms 3 & 4 WEEK 1 2021:  LESSONS in piano, singing, drama, Italian for beginners and Karate are offered online via ZOOM during lockdowns. (10 week course in each term starting from week 1) Please contact me on 0478 018 918 for more information.

Currently I offer lessons in piano, singing, drawing, painting, craft – sewing, music theory and musicianship, drama, music groups face to face. (when lockdown and restrictions are lifted)

(Online lessons for the above might be considered on special request after lockdown)  A copy of the COVID 19 Plan for face to face and terms and conditions will be emailed to you for you to read before commencing the free trial lesson. Creative Kids Vouchers are also accepted.

Three twenty minute complimentary online lessons via Zoom for full fee paying students (offered during lockdown in term 3 and term 4)

1. Music Aural Training on Mondays at 4.00 – 4.20 pm;

2. Italian via Music and Drama on Wednesdays at 6.15 – 6.35)

3. Drama on Saturdays at 10.30 – 10. 50 am

A complimentary stationery pack for students when enrolled in a full fee paying term of  Music face to face lessons.   Music: A5 visual art diary to record ideas, A4 display folder, CD singing for Beginners by Concettina Gangemi. Note: The complimentary resource pack will only be supplied to students enrolled for a minimum of two terms (however students doing short courses may be supplied with a limited resource pack).

Nella Luce Studio is a COVID-safe business, in order to help keep our community safe please use the Service NSW app for a contactless check-in when visiting the premises. The full COVID-safe plan will be emailed to you, together with the terms and conditions prior to your first visit.

Concettina Gangemi  offers the following program structures for the study of Music  from term 1 2021:

  1. Music/Drama Creativity Workshops. (small groups – broad range of musical activities 0-12 years)
  2. Discipline of singing .
  3. Discipline of piano
  4. Music Theory/Musicianship is incorporated in all 3 and can be taught as a separate lesson
  5. Complimentary music/theory aural training lesson for full paying students. (online class via zoom – not available at the moment)
  6. Homeschool Singing Group

Term 4 10 lessons will begin week 1 Term 4 via ZooM, 2021.

“Concettina Gangemi” is an official NSW Creative Kids provider!

To redeem your $100.00 voucher for a 9 week course go to Creative Arts Voucher.  You will need the Service NSW Creative Kids voucher number, your child’s full name and date of birth and the parent/ guardian’s contact number and email to send to Concettina.

Studio teacher, Concettina Gangemi aims to nurture your true self through the range of music lessons.

Aim:  Adding new value to diverse learning needs, music and creativity.  Prepare students for a career in music and/or develop  your creativity which enables you to be a creative individual in our community.

Creativity Goal:

To work towards autonomy:  Know who you are,  Know what you know, Value the people and resources.

FEES: (contact Concettina for current details 0478 018 918) (discount offer for prepaid fees)

1. Small Group Music Creativity Classes (ages 0-12)

2. Private lessons (all ages)

3. Casual rates are also available for both the group classes and the private tuition.

Brief outline of Program Content/Pedagogy:

  • Music/Drama Creativity tuition for small groups in music theory through listening, singing, playing, moving, visual arts, drama, improvising, composing and reflecting. (ages 0-12 years)
  • Lessons are about integrating the discipline of music with other learning areas (e.g. learn English through singing).
  • Prenatal singing classes (on request)
  • Learning Materials and resources are supplied in the studio space (music textbooks/sheets, or recorder are not included in the price)

Benefits for students:

  • Enable students to discover music through improvisation and basic composition.
  • Enable students to respond to their world through music in spontaneous ways.
  • Initiate and contribute to their own learning program.
  • Prepare and supports learning in Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Speech & Martial Arts, learning another instrument.
  • Nurtures creativity.
  • Encourages expressive communication (“100 languages of children” Reggio Emilia Approach)
  • Connects organic musical play with musical instruction.
  • Combines learning (phenomenon) with educational outcomes and other areas (interdisciplinary approach)
  • Assists with language, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development
  • Guides students to develop self discipline.

About the learning Environment

Call Concettina for workshop details: 0478 018 918 or via email