Thank you for showing an interest in having Art or Music & Drama Creativity Tuition. Please read the steps and consider the questions that follow before the meeting and trial lesson.

  1. Make an appointment for the Free 10 minute meeting and trial lesson.
  2. Read the content on the website and that is sent via email especially the COVID 19 Plan and safety rules.
  3. For ages 0-5, a parent/guardian is required to participate in the studio with the child in all lessons. For all other school age children, the parent needs to be present in the studio space unless other arrangements are agreed by the studio teacher.
  4. Reflect on the first lesson and then make a decision if you would like to book lessons for a term.
  5. Please contact Concettina regarding group workshops in Art or Music or Drama or private lessons in singing, piano or music theory.
    Phone  0478 018 918 or email.
  6. Pay the prepaid discounted fee by the first lesson.  Casual rates are available and modified rates apply where necessary.
  7. Enjoy the experience.

At the meeting Concettina will ask you to complete a form:

Expression of Interest Form:

Trial lessons offered:  music creativity workshop, art creativity workshop, piano and singing.

Name of Student(s):



Name of Parent(s) (applicable to children)



List your strengths (e.g. What can you do well?)



What is your prior knowledge and experience in music?



Do your parents have a musical or artistic background?  e.g. play an instrument, or sing or dance or create visual art?



What are your goals?



Do you have any medical or other special needs?



For Enrolment the following details will be needed?

Your Contact Details:




Contact no:

Emergency contact name:

Emergency contact no.

Lesson type:

Fee total for the term:

I have read the terms and conditions/safety rules:  Y/N